Weekly Drawing: Portrait Practice

Magazine ads are great for practicing portraits. Even if my drawing isn't completely accurate, it's good practice to try different angles and test out various styles of drawing.


Weekly Drawing: Self Portrait



I recall teaching a class full of kids about the importance of proportion, and one student had an interesting way of thinking about it. He said,"It's kind of like, when you change the size of a bug, it can either be a monster about to step on a person, or a person about to step on an insect." 7 years old and already knows his art principles.

The subject featured in the photograph is my parents' cat Sophie. The baby has yet to be named.


Weekly Drawing: Not a Drawing

You may have noticed, this is not a drawing. It's a watercolor. I didn't use watercolor pencils either, so it is truly not a drawing at all. The fact is, I need to take more pictures of my drawings. Another fact: I need a new camera. So today you get a painting. Self-portrait, actually. Hope you like it.


Weekly Drawing: Stegasaurus

Sorry about the quality of the photo, I took it with my phone. This was a design I did on craft foam for a mouse pad. Unfortunately, the marker ended up smearing :/