You Know Who's Awesome? Emily Martin.

Emily Martin, aka The Black Apple, is one of those painters you just fall in love with instantly. At least, I did. Her artwork reminds me of old fashioned storybook illustrations that got left behind when Walt Disney came to town. Girls in dresses with wide-set eyes, pastel surroundings, and tame bears are the stuff of fairy tales. I love it.


Well hello, there!

I am one bad blogger. Exciting news, though: I am going to start my very first painting series! I've never done a series before, and thought it was about time. More details to follow.

Right now, I'd like to share what I am reading with you:

Rendezvous with Rama (science fiction, oh yeeeaaah)
Maximum Gaga (wacky poems)
Photographing 2D Work (fabulous tips!)

Pathetically short and pointless post after not posting in months, yes. I'm over it.