13 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Painting

1. It's fun to experiment with color and texture.
Nothing brings out your inner child more than playing with paint.  You can swirl colors together and build up thick textures on your palette, then see how they look slathered across your canvas.  Some prefer visible brush strokes while others blend them in.  Try painting with your fingers, too!
2. You can be sloppy and still create a masterpiece.
Drawings can sometimes look a bit rough if you've gone back and erased a bunch.  With painting, you can splatter and "go outside the lines" and wind up with a very expressive piece of work.
3. You will start to come up with your own unique style that would otherwise be unknown to the world of art.
It's true.  No one has the exact same style.  Without you, the art world is missing out on what could be some extraordinary paintings!

4. It's a healthy alternative to eating potato chips in front of the tube.
Imagine the hours of painting you could get done in the time you plop in front of the television to watch reality shows while absently chowing down on junk food.  Some shows are worth watching, but indulging in TV just because you have nothing else to do... paint instead!
5. Mention painting as a hobby in an interview and score some "creative thinking" points.
Sounds ridiculous, right?  But you know how it goes.  Employers go through hundreds of applications and interview tons of people.  They're looking for someone who stands out.  Milk it!
6. It's another thing your mom can brag about to the neighbors.
No matter how bad you think your paintings are, your mom will forever be proud of you.  And hey, if she's telling all her girlfriends that you are an artist, maybe she can score some connections and potential clients.

7. It's therapeutic.
Going off and painting for a couple of hours by yourself is awesome for when you need some "me time".  Your focus is on the painting and you can forget about the daily stresses for a while.  Even if you get frustrated with what you're working on, you're probably getting rid of some anger that was building up inside you.
8. You will gain a deeper appreciation for other artists' paintings.
Once you've painted, you can relate to other painters.  The next time you go to an art gallery, you'll be surprised how much more you notice about a painting, and even get some ideas for trying out new techniques.
9. People will think you have super powers (er, talent).
The main difference between artists and non-artists is that artists make art.  It's really that simple!  People who don't paint are more likely to be amazed by your work because they can't fathom doing it themselves.  The secret is just to give a shot and run with it.
10. You will learn a lot about the way you make decisions.
One of the greatest things about painting is the ever-changing process.  You may start a painting with one idea in mind, and then go in a completely different direction once it starts taking shape.  Paintings evolve in the loveliest of ways, all based on your choices.

11. There are tons of opportunities to have your work displayed.
Check your local galleries, bookstores, and coffee shops to see how you can get your paintings featured.  You can also enter numerous online juried shows where you can win awards.  All it takes is a little research.
12. You're probably not as bad an artist as you think you are.
Whenever I hear someone say that they can't paint or draw, I always think "have you really ever invested any time in it?"  I cannot stress this enough: you aren't going to be good at anything the first time you attempt it.  So don't put yourself down when your painting of a dog looks more like a deformed pig; it will get better the more you do it.
13. After you complete a few paintings, people will want you to paint them something (cha-ching!).
You'll be surprised how many people will want your art to decorate their walls.  It's hip to be able to say,"My friend Sarah painted that, she's an artist."


  1. What a great post! And comforting too. I needed that pep talk.

    Sure wish I knew personally some of the great people like yourself on some of these art blogs.

    Thanks for this, and, i'll be back. :)

    Sherrill, Montreal

  2. Hi again,

    I meant to tell you, that I laughed out loud, when you mentioned about trying to draw a dog and it comes out looking like a deformed pig.

    I identified so much with this, as i once tried to draw a my Bernese Mountain dog and hahaha...it did exactly look like a pig - with a deviated septum. :o) Sherrill, Montreal

  3. Thanks for your comments, Sherrill! And hey, I've been there... sometimes when I try to draw or paint something from memory, I am quickly reminded that using a picture for reference is needed :)

  4. Lots of great points in this post. I'm one of those people that always starts off in one direction and then it morphs into something entirely different. Lets just say I could never do custom work. Love losing myself in painting though, it's very therapeutic.

  5. It really is quite therapeutic. After having to do watercolors for a class last semester, I occasionally turn on some tunes and start. It's so fun to play with texture and color! Great post! ^_^

  6. OMG..that is so nice and kool of you to put this up..Thank You so much..I see you are a social media intern and artist as well...That is fantastic...Ill link to your blog...enjoy your day..!

  7. Good post! You have made art more reachable for people, bravo.

  8. "Surf's Up" would be remarkable in stained glass.

  9. Hi Sarah, I am building a simple website of my paintings and I would really love to include a link to this page or quote you if I decide on text format. May I have your permission ?

    I'm seeing my pictures .. wondering if I'm an idiot to display them on a website .... your post has just given me VALUABLE ENCOURAGEMENT TO CONTINUE - THANK YOU

    1. Of course! I'd love to see the site once it's launched :)