Petunia is Here!

After months of researching and preparing, my little hedgehog is finally here! I met her breeder on Monday and brought her home. It was a long drive, but as hedgehogs are nocturnal, she slept through most of it. I let her explore her cage on her own the first night without pestering her too much. She really took to the wheel, ran all night long!

It didn't take long for my husband (Stephen) and me to realize that we needed to do something about our cats trying to stick their paws in her cage. We ended up putting plastic garden netting on the lid and sides, which has been very affective. Last night I introduced Petunia to one of my cats, Hoggle. I held her close to me and let him sniff her. Once his nose touched her quills, he jumped back and ran off! Now he doesn't want to have anything to do with her (with the exception of eating her food).

She is so sweet. We let her crawl all over us and the couch while we watched TV last night, then put her back in her cage so could begin her nightly routine of eating, wheeling, and napping.

So far, she seems to be adjusting very well. More updates and pictures to come!

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