Linocuts That Blow My Mind

I have a special place in my heart for linocuts.  Much like my love for Sharpie drawings, the black and white contrast and bold shapes and lines really grab my eye.  I haven't made any since college, but I'm hoping to start again soon.  Usually before starting a new vein of artwork, I like to do a bit of research to get inspired.  Here are some cool pieces I stumbled upon that I hope you'll appreciate as much as I did.

Sword Swallower  by Kreg Yingst

Dreams by WingedLion

Rotary Telephone by Nydam Press

Flight of Fancy by Baggelboy

Massacre of Innocence by Richard Mock

Sun and Moon 12 by Gillian Golding

Banana Felt Barrette by She Rides the Lion


  1. Thanks for the feature! What a pleasure to be grouped together with these fine printmakers :)

  2. you should check out cannonball press. they are some crazy woodcutters!

  3. that banana barrette is awesome.

  4. That rotary phone has stolen my heart.