Valentine Gifts for Guys

Guys like getting presents just as much as girls.  They might not be too psyched about getting flowers or jewelry, though.  Here are some ideas for finding Valentine gifts for that special dude in your life, whether it's your dad, husband, kid, or video game buddy.

 Smart Squid, Octopus Necktie by Cyberoptix TieLab

Recycled Beer Bottle Tumblers by BottleHood

Men's Fingerless Gloves by Socks and Mittens 

Item Block Quilted Pillow Cover by Will Quilt For Games

 Railroad Tracks Scarf by Knitsome Studio

Ironman Vinyl Graphic Decal Sticker by Diasco Graphics


  1. I love the recycled beer bottle tumblers! Too bad Franklyn doesn't like beer. guess i'll just have to get them for myself!

  2. Thank you for feauturing my gloves! and thanks for the ideas - I still did not get anything for my husband yet!

  3. Great finds! I especially love those ties!

  4. Those are some very handsome tumblers indeed.

  5. I'm making my boyfriend a new beanie this year...If he wore ties, though, I'd definitely be getting those squid ones!

  6. I almost thought those were cthulhu neckties. Now THAT would be sweet. I'd probably never wear it though, see as all they cause madness, so people would probably just hang themselves with them. But I digress...

  7. Not cthulhu, no. However, I think anything with tentacles is pretty rockin' to have on a nice silk tie :D