Leaving It Up To Fate... I Mean, You

I am at a crossroads.  I really want to roll up my sleeves and make some serious art, dammit.  My problem is that I want to do too many things at once.  As much as I'd love to be sculpting the same time that I'm painting and printmaking, I really need to try and hone in on one thing at a time.  So right now I'm working on a painting, and when I'm done, I've got to decide what I'm doing next.

But I don't want to decide.  So I'm asking you to.

Below is a summarized version of my portfolio.  Then follows a poll in which you must decide my fate.  I will announce the results on April 11.

Here are some of my paintings:

Some stuff I've made with polymer clay:
My third consideration is printmaking.  I only have one print to display (the first picture listed below), but I have several drawings I'd like to convert into linocuts, so I posted a couple examples of those.
Time to vote!  Feel free to get your friends in on this (via Facebook or Twitter, for example).  My future lies in your hands!

Which art medium should Sarah pursue next?


  1. Thanks for following :-) I love that third painting! The contrast between the warmer colors and the blue glasses is awesome.

    <3 Alex

  2. Your work is great, and they all sound like fun projects! I voted for printmaking since you said that you have a lot of drawings that you want to convert to linocuts :)