Wedding Ring Fail

I married this dude about a year and a half ago.

I really like my wedding ring.


Unfortunately, part of it broke off recently.


So I ordered another one, from the same place, exact same ring.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but does that look like the same ring to you?

I'm going to send it back, but I'm not sure if I should try again or just pick out a new ring.  

The whole thing is making me a Frowny Franny :(


  1. What a shame it broke . . . it does look different, hhhmm what to do.

  2. Someone suggested that I go to a jeweler and see if they can repair it. Worth a shot!

  3. you could try a jeweler but it might be really expensive and the might screw it up rather than fix it (ask mom about the ring of hers that a jeweler messed up). but like you said, it's worth a shot! but if it doesn't work i would not order another form the same person. or if you d send pictures of the two together first to show the difference.

  4. love that picture of stephen by the way.