20 Things That Don't Inspire Me

There are plenty of articles on the internet about what inspires people.  You may read them and feel uplifted and ready to take on the world.  Good for you.  Today has not inspired me in the least bit.  I keep trying to paint, write, draw, or find SOMETHING productive to do, but the inspiration ceases to come.  So I decided to write a list of what doesn't inspire me.

1. Rain.
2. Cereal that gets soggy two minutes after you pour milk on it.
3. Slow internet connection.
4. Running out of gum.
5. Not being able to paint the vision in my head.
6. Stubbed toes.
7. Heartburn.
8. Dead gnats in my juice.
9. Crappy erasers.
10. Burning my tongue.
11. Mosquito bites.
12. Cheese that gets a rind on it from being left out too long.
13. Holes in my skirts.
14. Stepping on the cat.
15. Pimples.
16. When the DVR cuts off the last part of a recorded show.
17. Back pain.
18. Falling down in public.
19. Dead batteries in my camera.
20. Menstruation.

What bums you out enough to distract you from doing any productive?


  1. Love the post!!
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  2. But then again... Didn't these things cause you to write this post? So isn't that inspiration?

  3. thank you for stopping by simply feather. this post is hilarious! i flat out laughed out loud at the 'falling down in public.' yep, that'd be on my uninspired list. i like this list...it so against the grain. love that.