Etsy Shop and Blog Hop - Post Your Shop Here!

I found this great little idea at the Etsy blog HOST (Helping Others Street Team):

Looking for a little bit more exposure for your Etsy Shop and Blog?

Why not join our Etsy Shop Hop?  Here is how to participate.

1. Add your shop Avatar to the list below and use your etsy shop URL for it..
2. In a blog post on your blog, link to your favourite items from the two shops ahead of you on the list.
3. Add the Shop Hop code to your blog with these same instructions on how to participate.
4. Post your blog URL below in the comments.

So - when this is done, not only do you get at least two new links to your items from another blog which helps you be found, but you also might get more followers to your blogs and visits to your shops.

My favorite items from the two shops ahead of me were these:

From DareDream:


  1. Linkys don't work in wordpress as far as I can tell- poo on Wordpress, but I still did it;) Thanks!


  2. Yaay!

    A lot of things frustrate me on WordPress, but Blogger has its faults, too :P

  3. custom made Genuine Swarovski Crystal cellphone cases and more!

  4. Thanks for joining us on the Blog Hop!

    Looking at some great new stores. Watch for some Fav Picks post on the HOST blog in the near future!

    - Krys from HOST

  5. Hello! I love the " be one with navi" from KNNDesign and the contes de Lundy notebook from ConduitPress! glad to be part of this bloghop!