The Secret Joy of Not Acting Your Age

Sometimes, I just can't help myself.  I know how to act appropriately in public and when to keep my mouth shut, but when something unexpected happens and is only witnessed by you and maybe one other person, it can be difficult to maintain maturity.  Allow me to demonstrate.

I went to Conner Prairie Park today with my sisters and nieces and nephew.  This place is an indoor and outdoor history museum that's really pretty cool.  We were walking around and we wandered into a little blacksmith hut where a man was hammering metal and talking about his trade to a group of people.

Suddenly, a bird swoops in and hovers over my sister's head for about 3 seconds, then takes off.  It was so bizarre, it just hovered right over her head!  I start giggling and tell her what just happened, which then got her laughing and saying things like,"I kind of wish you hadn't told me that!" and "I'm glad it didn't poop!"

I am also holding my infant nephew, who enjoys little games like blowing lightly on his face.  He was so entertained by my sister and I doing this to him that he would squeal with anticipation and throw back his head and laugh every time.

We are now giggling uncontrollably.  Though I attempted to muffle my laughter a few times, we got some dirty looks from the smithy and my other sister.  I'm sure we looked like utter fools, but it was a hilarious five minutes that I wouldn't ever take back.

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